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Quannessence Skincare offers a selection of advanced training with the two essentials available online. These two essentials are our Level 1 Exfoliating Peel Training and our Well-Being Facial Therapy Training. Quannessence Skincare also offers an in-person Dermaplaning and BodyLuv Course for Aestheticians interested in going above and beyond with Quannessence.

Exfoliating Peels Training (Level 1)

The most popular course Aestheticians enrol in when taking on the Quannessence Skincare line is the Level 1 Exfoliating Peels Training. This training covers the background of Quannessence Skincare and its founder, Sharon Quann, as well as the importance of skin science, key ingredients, their full retail and professional product line as well as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, and treatment protocol by skin type.

Dermaplaning Treatment & Training

Dermaplaning is a wonderful procedure that may be used as a stand-alone service or can be combined with AHA peels for enhanced results. With next to no downtime, Dermaplaning will effectively deliver results by controlling breakouts, minimizing acne scarring, and offering the smoothest skin imaginable. Quannessence Dermaplaning incorporates Quannessence Skincare products to increase the effectiveness of the service, along with an enhanced experience for exceptional results.

Well-Being Facial Therapy Training & Face Mapping

The Well-Being Facial Therapy Training is another option for Aestheticians to undergo if they are interested in using Quannessence Skincare in their treatment room without using peel products. This training covers all of the background information from the Exfoliating Peel Training (Level 1) apart from Quannessence Skincare’s professional peel products. The fundamental Quannessence treatment protocols are also taught during this training to address all varying skin types.