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Sharon Quann, Founder and CEO of Quannessence Skincare

Sharon Quann

Founder / President / Owner of Quannessence Skincare with 35 years experience in Aesthetics.

Our Story

Welcome to Quannessence: Holistic Skincare Giving Radiant Results.

This Canadian line of therapeutic and holistic professional and retail skincare products are the most advanced in the market.

Developed and manufactured in idyllic Prince Edward Island, Canada, Quannessence products reflect their surroundings’ natural beauty and wholesomeness.

The line’s success is spreading across the country and can be attributed to their products being botanically-based yet highly functional in addressing dehydrated, normal, mature, environmentally sensitive, and compromised skin types. The line is based on medical principles with a holistic approach in keeping with proven aesthetic techniques, rather than hype.

Quannessence Skincare focuses on providing relief to specific skin conditions with their holistic, PEI sourced ingredients and formulations. They are a chemical-free, toxin-free, and cruelty-free company that produces skincare products that naturally bring relief to all skin types and conditions.

Quannessence believes in the importance of a scientific and holistic approach to skin health by addressing skin conditions from the inside out. 

Their vision and finest of quality products, responsible for drastically improving people’s lives, have given rise to Quannessence Skincare’s coast to coast growth and success throughout Canada.


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These resources include training materials, promotional materials, and information relevant to the proper and effective use of Quannessence Skincare products on and for your clients.


Exfoliating Peels

Learn all about Quannessence Skincare, their retail and professional line as well as performing facials on all skin types using their entire line of professional products, with an emphasis on chemical peels. 

Quannessence Fundamentals

Learn all about Quannessence Skincare, their full retail line and fundamentals about performing facials on all skin types using their products.


Dive into a background on the dermaplaning treatment, Quannessence products designed to be used during a dermaplaning treatments and Quannessence Skincare’s dermaplaning protocol.

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