“Two and a half months ago my skin was the worst it’s ever been. I was very insecure and refused to leave my house without covering up behind makeup. It was at that time that I decided to book a facial with Sharon at Quannspa as well as purchase all the Quannessence products which were recommended for my specific skin type.

Within two weeks of using the products I was shocked at how much my acne and texture started to fade away. I received so many compliments on how glowing and refreshed I looked. I now leave the house feeling more confident than ever without having to hide behind makeup! Investing in your skin is so worth it!”
Rikki Delaney

This result was after three Professional Quannessence Facial Treatments. Rosacea flare-up has gently calmed.

Amanda has struggled with rosacea and acne for a number of years and until now has not found relief or results.  You can see her acne is completely gone and the redness has reduced dramatically and we are only at the halfway mark of her Quannessence treatments!

“Quannessence will be a turning point for your skin care. Whether you have special needs like acne, over-pigmentation, sensitivity, rosacea or scarring. It has everything you need to heal and present your true self! Backed with an amazing energy and support from the Quannessence team!”

Sharon Quann, at QuannSpa, has been my skin guru for as long as I can remember and knows my skin both inside and out. Prior to having micro-needling done, Sharon took the time to assess my skin and go over the procedure, explaining the process and answering all of my questions.  

It has been about 6 weeks since having the initial treatment of micro-needling done and my skin has completely transformed. Not only has my skin tone evened out, but slowly the hyper-pigmentation around my eyes is breaking up. My skin carries a more natural glow that is less blotchy and has a more even surface, while also feeling replenished. A bonus to this treatment is really feeling the serums I apply, penetrate deeper into my skin and seeing the benefits gradually over time. Micro-needling has given me a new found confidence in my natural skin and it’s healthy glow.  

Thank you, Sharon and QuannSpa, I cannot wait for the next treatment!

Before & After Quannessence Skincare Results After One Professional Compromised Skin Treatment.

“I started using Quannessence over a month ago (highly recommended by a friend). I was like I can’t switch from what I was using! Well am I ever happy I switched! These products are a miracle! My rosacea is gone. My skin has never been so hydrated! My eyes are not puffy! My love of these products is like nothing I have ever used!” ❤️
“I had really bad acne, I had no confidence when I went to school and no products could help me get rid of it. As soon as my mom bought me Quannessence products, a miracle happened! My skin cleared so much and I never go a day without using these wonderful products! I’m more confident and happy now!”

I have been using Quannessence for about 5 months now and I am completely in love!!! I’ve struggled with acne for at least 7 years and have tried absolutely everything in the book. After I started going for treatments with Sharon Quann, her professional treatments and  Quannessence Skincare products completely changed my skin. I no longer have to worry about covering up my skin all the time trying to hide all of the imperfections and blemishes, the change in my skin has boosted my confidence on so many levels! I can’t thank Sharon Lynn Quann enough!

~ Kandyce

“There aren’t enough words to explain the amazing difference Quannessence has made for my mature, dehydrated, sensitive, acne-prone skin! This product in particular leaves my face fresh, plumped, hydrated and soothed. No breakouts or dermatitis! No harsh chemicals!” 💙💙💙
“I use Quannessence products daily. I have very dry skin and the Vital Hydrating Masque hydrates like no other.” ❤️
“One of my fav masks!”
“I started using Quannessence two years ago and they are the best products I had ever used on my face, hands down!” ❤️

This was me before Quannessence and 3 months after! It has put my rosacea in remission for 3 years now!

~ Lynn

“Have heard such great things about the Quannessence products! Would love to give them a try and see for myself.”

I just wanted to share my experience with your amazing products. I’ve had hormonal acne and very sensitive skin for a long time. I’ve spent a lot of time and money looking for a product that genuinely helps my skin. I’m so happy that I finally found something that works (and it’s made in PEI so that’s even better).

I always blamed wearing a lot of makeup all day long as to why I was having bad breakouts. However, during the pandemic, I started working from home and stopped wearing makeup all day. It was the perfect time to really figure out what my skin needed.

I had questions about Quannessence so I reached out to Sharon with pictures of my skin and she got back to me within a day! She was very helpful as to what products would help me and after using the products for a month my skin is finally healing.

Every morning and night I use the Facial Cleansing Cream, Sage Peel Gel (only at night, 2-3 times a week) and Alchemist Revitalizing Cream mixed with a drop of GAIA Facial Oil.

All I can say is a huge thank you! I’ve always been very self-conscious of my skin and your products have changed that.


“Love all the products I’ve been able to try!”
“This product hands down is the best! My clients love the results after I use this on them after their facial. The results are amazing! This product is a must!” ❤️
Blank - Testimonial Avatar
“This is only one of many Quannessence products I can’t live without! It hydrates my skin so well.” 🙌 💕