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The Quannessence Exfoliating Peels Training covers the theory, science and step-by-step protocols of Quannessence Skincare Peels for your client’s specific skin conditions.

This training consists of four lessons, an open book quiz to follow each lesson and an open book final assessment. Once you have completed your training, you will be issued a Quannessence Exfoliating Peel Certificate allowing you to purchase professional Quannessence products from your Quannessence Distributor.

  • Lesson 1 will cover an introduction to Quannessence Skincare, skin science and key ingredients used.
  • Lesson 2 will cover all of Quannessence Skincare’s retail products.
  • Lesson 3 will cover a background into the active ingredients used in professional peel products and what sets Quannessence Skincare professional products apart from other professional skincare lines.
  • Lesson 4 will cover the different treatment protocols by skin type and demonstrate a Quannessence professional peel facial treatment.

Please visit your Resources to access and download relevant documents and pricing.